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Cricket is a very popular game which is played all over India. Cricket is a unique game in itself automatically. It is considered as the pride of our nation. Cricket is considered as an international sport as compared to other sports like Hockey, Football, Basketball. Cricket is the richest sports and costly posts that are played in India and it is a costly sport. The huge amount of money is invested in our Indian Cricketer players.

Sports is all about a second chance and it is spreading in India very Quickly in which girls are engaging in cricket and showing their Intertest and taking active roles in cricket and challenging their own life.

To feel cricket is much Easy but to play cricket is very difficult in itself. Youngsters are big fans of cricket. Every youth is mad to play and loves to watch cricket.

Sports Trending

In India, sports Have their own value and gaining their own respect. In India cricket is engaging day by day and increasing its demand. The sports which are becoming famous in India are Cricket, Hockey, football and many more.

Importance Of Cricket

In Cricket not even boys but girls are also taking active parts and playing their roles so according to my eyes cricket has become the world’s international and famous sports. It is the only sport where all batsman assembles a chanting prayer of ou country.

The incredibility in cricket is increasing day by day because of its high value and great importance. Due to its high visibility and its popularity we are gaining And seeing the incredible growth in cricket we are gaining its high advantage as they are well playing and they are the future of our nation.

The unique factor of the game is that we are crazy about the game and people also showing their interset beyond expectation. Cricket is a bat and ball team that started in southern England. The earliest definite reference to it is found in 1597, it is now played in more than 100 countries.

Meanwhile, other members of the bowler’s team stand in different positions as fielders on the field, these players try to catch the ball to prevent the batsman from making a run and try to dismiss him if possible. Abhinethri If the batsman is not out, he can run between the wickets to change his position from another batsman (“non-striker”), who is on the other side of the pitch. Stands up. Thus, once the situation is changed, a run is scored. Runs are also scored if the batsman hits the ball to the boundary of the field.

Rules and Gameplay

The main attraction is in a specially designed area of ​​the field (usually in the center) called a “pitch”. Both the pitch and 22 yards (20 m) wickets are taken. These are targets for the bowling aka fielding side and are defended by the batting side who are trying to score runs. Originally a run is made when a batsman runs between the pitch after hitting the ball with his bat, although there are many other ways to score runs as described below The main attraction is in a specially designed area of ​​the field (usually in the center) called a “pitch”. Both the pitch and 22 yards (20 m) wickets are taken.

The stumps are placed in the line of the bowling crease and are spaced a short distance from each other. The middle stump is placed exactly the length of the bowling crease at the center. The popping crease has the same length, it is parallel to the bowling crease and is in front of the wicket.

The stability of the pitch can vary, which can cause the bounce, spin, and speed of the bowler to vary. It is easy to bat on a hard pitch because the bounce on it is high but equal.


Part (always used in plural form) is a term for the collective performance of the batting side. [10] As a principle, all eleven members of the batting side bat in turn, but the “innings” may end before that for many reasons.

At any one time, there are two batsmen in the field. A striker protects the wicket by staying at the edge and scoring runs if possible. His partner, who is a non-striker, is at the end of where the bowling is done.

There are many types of shots played in cricket. The stroke applied by the batsman can be given many names such as “cut”, “drive”, “hook” or “pull” according to the swing or direction of the ball.

If an injured batsman is fit to bat but cannot run, the umpire and the captain of the fielding team may allow another member of the batting side to run. If possible, this runner has to carry a bat with him. The only job of this runner is to knock in place of the injured batsman. This runner has to wear and lift all the equipment that a batsman has worn. It is possible for both batsmen to have runners.


There is a difference in the number of runs scored by both teams.) If the team playing later scores enough runs to win, it is said to have won by n wickets. For example, if a team crosses the score of the opposing team by losing only 6 wickets, it is said that it has “won the match by four wickets”.


In the olden times, cricket was sometimes described in such forms as a club hitting a ball, or ancient club-ball, stool-ball, trap-ball, stub-ball. [23] Cricket is certainly considered prevalent in Tudor times in 16th century England, but it may have originated even earlier.

The number of words for the term “cricket” is considered the possible source. In the earliest known reference to the sport in 1598

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