Field hockey

There are many variations to overtime play that depend on the league and tournament play. In college play, a seven-a-side overtime period consists of a 10-minute golden goal period with seven players for each team.

Local rules

There are sometimes minor variations in rules from competition to competition; for instance, the duration of matches is often varied for junior competitions or for carnivals. Different national associations also have slightly differing rules on player equipment.

The new Euro Hockey League and the Olympics has made major alterations to the rules to aid television viewers, such as splitting the game into four-quarters, and to try to improve player behavior, such as a two-minute suspension for green cards.

In the United States, the games at the junior high level consist of four 12-minute periods, while the high-school level consists of two 30-minute periods. Many private American schools play 12-minute quarters, and some have adopted FIH rules rather than NFHS rules.


It could have been a team or one-on-one activity (the depiction shows two active players, and other figures who may be teammates awaiting a face-off, or non-players waiting for their turn at play).

Field of play

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